Xay Tomsen and The Reef Virtual World

Hi and welcome.

Xay TomsenMy name is Andrew Thompson, known in virtual worlds as Xay Tomsen. and more recently as my main alt, Johnny IruMoto.

I’ve been involved in virtual worlds for quite a while, having started out in Second Life in late 2006.

I then dabbled in a few other grids, before migrating everything across to InWorldz in early 2013.

Eighteen months later, in November 2014, I began my own grid, The Reef Virtual World.

The new grid occupies most of my time now, but I am also working on a side project which I hope to develop into a proper hypergrid marketplace.

So, what will you find on the Xay Tomsen site? Lots of cool stuff.

Virtual Land

If you’re looking for land to rent, you can either rent parcels from estate owners or full regions off me. Visit the Land Store on The Reef site for full info, or alternatively you can swing by the Land Kiosk in-world, just beside the Reef City Welcome Centre.


Tora Boxer Shorts Black by Xay Tomsen, Irukandji Palace, Tamita IslandUp top, you’ll also find links to my range of products.  I make pretty much everything – clothing, cars, boats, trees, fish, furniture, houses, blah blah …

At time of writing though, the pages are far from up to date as I’ve been creating at a prolific rate, but again, you can see all my offerings in-world.

Mad Blogger

I’m also a frantic blogger, and you can read all my latest posts in the nav panel on the right.

There are general rants, tutorials, help sections, and videos that you might find helpful whether you’re on The Reef or on any other virtual world. I also conduct classes for building and scripting and lots of other groovy things, so if you’re a noobie looking to learn, just yell out.

So, enough rambling about me. Start exploring. If you’d like to come check out my little patch of paradise in-world, log into The Reef grid.  You’ll find plenty of info at the Welcome Centre, or just IM me.

BTW, while you’re zipping around the website, you might find a few links that go through to the A J Thompson site – Don’t panic, that’s me too. I’m in the process of transferring all the virtual world stuff over here.

Have fun,
Xay Tomsen (Andrew Thompson).

You can follow Xay on , Facebook, and Twitter.
Xay Tomsen

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